SPB Shell 3D v.1.1.3 Cracked [SPB Software]

SPB Shell 3D v.1.1.3 Cracked [SPB Software]

Requirements Requires Android 2.1-2.3.3


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

SPB Shell 3D: next generation user interface. Enjoy your phone!

If you are not able to launch SPB Shell 3D, please use “Home Switcher” application from Android Market.

Next generation user interface. Enjoy your phone!

SPB Shell 3D Reviews:

“Butter-like smoothness” – Engadget

“As useful as it is gorgeous” – ZDNet

“Absolute Must-Have for every Android user!” – Gizmodo

“Looks Incredible And Runs Smoothly” – LAPTOP Magazine

To launch SPB Shell 3D press the Home button once installation is completed.


3D Home screen/launcher

Smart folders

3D widgets

Collection of panels and widgets

Download Here:-
Download SPB Shell 3D v.1.1.3

91 thoughts on “SPB Shell 3D v.1.1.3 Cracked [SPB Software]

  1. when i installed this app, it tells that they cant prove that i bought this app though android market plataform

  2. Hi,
    i hav updated a new version of it try it and the note pa instructions were to be follow to block the access to market platform.but since there is a new version plz use it

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  4. After installing the spb 3d shell launcher, A message saying Not able to verify purchase application please visit android market..What to do?

    Also, Do you have to be rooted to install spb shell 3d 1.1.3?

  5. does not work for me Please help

    Crashes/ is gone when i hit the menu button on my htc desire.
    Switches to sence and all is gone

    In the beginning at install it shows A message saying Not able to verify purchase application .
    what to do

  6. Try the app and if u hav a issue regarding the market error,follow these instructions

    Working Method 1:
    Fire up any Terminal app (or use adb shell), and after installing (but not opening) the app:
    pm disable com.spb.shell3d/com.softspb.shell.service.LicenseService
    To re-enable the app if it has disabled itself due to licensing:
    pm enable com.spb.shell3d/com.softspb.shell.Home

    (this requires the phone to be rooted)

    Working Method 2:
    you can use Droidwall to block Market not SPB Shell 3D , and this app will work. When you install app and edit it like you want , make backup with TiBackUp, because You can easily restore only data if SPB stop working due to a license error. Thanks to apptheripper

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  8. No matter what, on CM7, I can’t get those methods to work. I used droidwall to block the market, and it still gives me a check error, and my terminal doesn’t work for it either. I may just get stuck paying for that app.

  9. How do you activate it? once installed its disappeared from the phone i have tried rebooting it but its no where to be found 😦 please help? (using SSGS2)

    • If you got a liecense error from it while you were using it… You need to have rooted phone with a Terminal installed, or use Shell and put in:
      pm enable com.spb.shell3d/com.softspb.shell.Home

      That will reactivate it to be selected by hitting the home key. You may also need to download Home Switcher if you’re having issues even getting it to give you the option to select it as a home.

  10. first method doesnt work.

    I have rooted dell streak. Android 2.2.2

    1. i disabled the license servis
    2. i re-enabled home
    but then appear the market msg again

  11. Galaxy s 2 users, maybe same for others. download 4shared on market. search Spb, download Spb 3d shell. then install,once finished hit home button. select Spb. at purchase warning choose exit. it will work, no root needed. just a problem with clicking the home button after this. always takes you home select screen 😦

  12. please note that you are installing a cracked version and as of now there isnt a script that blocks an application to access market so if you are installing SPB shell cracked version you will need to freeze the market app at all times (i use titanium backup pro), unless you want it to throw the license error

    conclusion: SPB shell 3d is working flawlessly on my SGS 😀 with market frozen using titanium backup pro

  13. theandroidrock thank you fantastic job working fantastic on my ideos x5 rooted device ond blocked with better terminal pro thank you very much

  14. i have downloaded it from file.cr.op(.)c.o.m and installed… i donno why but works well without rooting or using any blocker… and i can also download from market whatever app i want… (sorry for my english)

  15. Dear All

    In order to hack spb shell 3d, please follow the steps below: (Rooted users only)
    1. Download droidwall from market (its free)
    2. Download spb shell from search.4shared.com
    3. Disable mobile internet and wifi.
    4. Install spb shell from astro or any file manager
    5. Start droidwall and disable it by ticking in both internet and wifi.
    6. Now enable mobile internet and wifi.
    7. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. when i installed this app, it tells that they cant prove that i bought this app though android market plataform please tell me wat am i supposed to do in order to avoid that

  17. If i root my phone and use droidwall to block market is the block temporary for just te installation or most market be blocked all the time??

  18. Heres what you need to download and install before you try this……..Astro File manager (Market), Titanium Backup Pro (Download a torrent for it), Home Switcher (Market), and your SPB Shell .apk file. YOUR PHONE MUST BE ROOTED TO RUN TITANIUM BACKUP PRO! . 1. With your phone connected to your computer, transfer the SPB Shell.apk to your phones SD card. 2. Turn off the WIFI and Mobile Network on the phone (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT). 3. Go to your Astro File Manager and launch your SPB SHELL.apk to install. 4. Once SPB is installed, open up the program by clicking the home button and selecting it (KEEP THE WIFI AND MOBILE INTERNET OFF AT THIS POINT!). 5. With the phones internet off, configure your SPB Shell to your liking. 6. Once your done configuring click on Home Launcher and go back to your Original HTC home screen. 7. Once there, open up Titanium Backup Pro and select the Backup and Restore tab. Find SPB Shell 3D and select it. From the options choose Backup (It will tell you that the program will close in order to backup. This is ok) 8. Once SPB Shell is backed up, select home launcher again to go back to SPB Shell. (At this point your internet is still off). 9. Once your back on your SPB, play with it for awhile to ensure the “You haven’t payed” message does not appear. Once your confident it will not appear, you can now enable your WIFI and Mobile Networks.

    This process should hold for as long as the phone is turned on. Here is the process you’ll need to follow should you power down your phone later…………….From the home scree, navigate to your wireless settings and disable all internet connections. Uninstall the SPB Shell 3D program. Once the program is uninstalled you can reinstall it again. Once it is reinstalled DO NOT OPEN THE PROGRAM YET! Open up your Titanium Backup Pro and select Backup and Restore Tab. In this list you will now see “SPB Shell 3d. Select SPB Shell 3D and select restore. It will ask you if you want to restore Data, App or App+Data. Select App+Data. Once this is done you can reopen the SPB program and you will now see that it looks exactly like it did when you configured it. Same as before, fiddle with it until your sure of no messages, then you can enable your internet connection.

    I found this to be the only usable way to use this app (Other then paying for it LOL) As long as you do not power down your phone, you will be safe. But the process is longer on paper then it actual take to physically do should the phone power down.

    Good luck and enjoy your new app.


    [+] Open any Terminal app, and after installing (but not opening) the app:
    $ su
    # pm disable com.spb.shell3d/com.softspb.shell.service.LicenseService

    [+] To re-enable the app if it has disabled itself due to licensing:
    $ su
    # pm enable com.spb.shell3d/com.softspb.shell.Home

    • Follow these steps and you don’t have to worry about this stupid licensing stuff:
      – Go to Market, download and install 2 versions of DroidWall (old and new from 2 different devs)
      – Now disable Wifi/Mobile Network before installing SPB Shell 3D
      – Remember this: DO NOT RUN IT AFTER INSTALLING
      – Now install this app, but don’t run it
      – Access Terminal Emulator and Disable the License Service as above
      – Access DroidWall, change to Block Mode, then check both options available for SPB Shell 3D. Press menu, choose Firewall and Apply Rules
      – Do the same thing with the other DroidWall
      – Now enable Wifi/Mobile Network back and enjoy

      • JonathanL, I could only find the droidwall root version. I tried everything but it still says I have not purchased the app.

  20. Found the fix! Been using it for a few hours with multiple restarts. Droidwall needs to block the android market. Leave the SPB shell unblocked if you want the photo and weather widgets to update.

  21. None of the above fixes are working, Any REAL way to make this thing work? :-S
    Terminal, Droidwall…all ends up with the Market Purchase CHECK!

  22. Jameel Rahhal, i used eNETraffic to block the android market. Leave the SPB Shell unblocked. Works perfect and I still dl android market apps through a web browser.

  23. the problem is that suddenly it switches to original home screen in my case sony screen(xperia neo V) .. so how to on the SPB again?

  24. i have galaxy s plus, when i click on the home button spb gets off and i turned off and turned on but spb do not apears and i dnt know how spb comeback. thank you

    • Yeah me too… When clicked on Menu button it’s GONE. I’ve checked at Task Manager and it shows the App is running.

      Help pls..

    • Eww.. Accidently found the solution.

      1. Disable your Wifi.
      2. Turn Off and Turn ON again ur device. (now the App will run again) lol…

  25. Guys,

    It worked for me without rooting.

    Phone: Samsung Galaxy Y
    OS: Android 2.3.6.
    Necessary Software(download from site transfer and install from phone):
    -HomeSwitcher to switch between default and SPB: http://www.4shared.com/file/w1dH7hu2/Home_Switcher.html
    -SPB Shell 3D v.1.1.3 Cracked: https://theandroidrock.wordpress.com/2011/07/14/spb-shell-3d-v-1-1-3-spb-software/

    -install home switcher
    -install SPB Shell 3D
    -open home switcher and launch SPB Shell 3D
    -wait, and presto!

    That’s it! no hustle and freezing and it works right away.

  26. hi i have crack spb shell 3d file but it is zip file when i extrect and unzip it more file but not apk file other installeted file so how i can install this file my phone is rooted plz help me

  27. Follow JonathanL’s procedures and you won’t have an issue. I have an Asus Transformer that I just enabled an external ethernet controller on and I had to ensure that the service was stopped as DroidWall won’t recognize the new ethernet port. Works great!

  28. I’m using htc explorer, i want to install this Spb shell 3d to my phone, note its not rooted…
    is there any solution.. coz i tried it many times its shows the problems which other peoples have discussed here…

  29. Isn’t a simpler way to get it working? I mean, on Windows Mobile 6.5 I just downloaded the SPB Shell .cab, entered a serial crack key and worked perfectly. Any means to do it on Android without rooting?

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