Applanet v. (Updated!!)

Filename :- Applanet v.

Requirements: Android v2.1+

Info link:



On a server double the previous servers power

Fixed the back crashing across ALL devices woohoo lots of bugs fixed. Now only 1 apk for all

On a new server OS that is much more stable and cooperative..

Secret projects underway….


-Parser Updated

-Due to parser update many errors before shouldn’t happen now

-Increased connection amount to apache and tomcat should run better hopefully

-Bills are getting expensive very necessary ads have been installed

-Among other of a couple little updates

Access Paid Apps for FREE!

Applanet’s massive database contains more than 15,000 Android applications. You have access to the latest version of both free and paid applications found in the Android Market and even some you can’t find and will not need to pay for anything! Applanet is your one-stop alternative app market.
Familiar Interface

Whether you are a power user or a new user to the Android O.S., Applanet has a familiar interface like the one found in the Android Market. You can view Apps, Games and which of your existing applications that might have updates available.
Share Your Experience

Each user has the ability to rate and leave a comment about apps that they have downloaded and installed from Applanet. This includes but not limits you to post reasons why you use/enjoy an app, flaws with an app or notify us if the application appears to be out-of-date.

With this you can download apps/games just like the Android market. Set up the same way only apps/games listed are full versions. Free apps are listed as well as paid ones. You will notice the paid versions have a line through the price. Note: – that its a bit up and down. It doesnt always work but usually it does. Usually it will auto download any new version update too. Also note apps downloaded go into applanet folder and will be stored there even if you choose to install right after downloading. You can of course delete them from that folder after if you wish. Or keep for back up.

We are now on Varnish which should speed things up.

On a new server

Ads modified

Download Here:-
Download Applanet v.

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